Known by most either for his musical or marine background, Gregory Collie II is often asked, How did you get into baking?! He responds with a smirk and shakes his head as if to suggest that he himself doesn’t know but he then explains that he, like most Bahamians, was and still remains “sweet mout'” and loved eating cookies but hated having to drive to “a certain establishment” just to fulfill his craving for soft, delicious cookies so he took to google and began his search for homemade cookie recipes. After discovering a couple recipes that he felt comfortable with he made a few changes and added his “secret ingredient” and the end result is what hundreds of Bahamians now enjoy and can’t seem to get enough of! But selling the cookies was not always his intent. “They were for my personal consumption along with friends and family and everyone that tried them would always tell me that they were SO good that I should sell them” he recalls. However he explains that he was reluctant to sell the cookies at that time because he had a full time job and just didn’t see the need to put the cookies up for sale. That all changed in July of 2012, just one month after the birth of his first child and losing his job just 5 months prior money was getting tight so Collie decided that it was now time to do what his close friends and family had been suggesting since he started baking. This was the birth of  The Cookie Caterer.