About The Cookie Caterer™

We provide you with sinfully addictive homemade cookies.

Our decadent cookies are made from scratch and handcrafted with love. We take pride in providing you with the absolute BEST cookies you’ll ever eat.

Our Story

Cookie Caterer Founder Gregory Collie II started making homemade cookies due to his self admitted “Sweet Mout” and constant cravings for delicious soft-baked cookies. They were strictly for pleasure and so he would eat the cookies he baked and give away the ones he didn’t. Most people that ate them suggested that he sell them because they were SO good but at the time he didn’t see the need to because he was employed at a shipping company.

After being unceremoniously fired from his job in February 2012, Collie decided that selling the cookies wasn’t such a bad idea. Especially since his girlfriend at the time was pregnant with their first child. He created a Facebook page and in July 2012 The Cookie Caterer was born! The Cookie Caterer was launched with just two flavors. Chocolate Chunk and Oatmeal Raisin.

After years of delivering cookies to thousands of customers from his home kitchen, Collie decided that the time was right to open his very first storefront location to serve the rapidly growing customer base. After months of searching for the right location he found a gem at 161 Mount Royal Avenue and on December 8th 2018, The Cookie Caterer opened it’s first location and hired its first full time employee.

Due to the overwhelming support at the first location, Collie decided that more locations were needed so that the wider population can get their hands, and mouths, on Cookie Caterer cookies. He decided to open the second location in the busiest area on the island, Carmichael Road. After finding another great spot at the junction of Carmichael Road and Milo Butler Highway, he’s aiming to open the Carmichael location in late November 2019.

When you walk into our store you instantly smell

the divine aroma of our FRESHLY baked cookies.

No transportation? No Problem! We deliver anywhere in New Providence AND we ship to the family islands!